Another week….

Well, they didn’t replace the fuel pump as they found no continuity issues with it. I hadn’t had any problems at all the week before the service either. I did have a couple of blips in 5th gear yesterday on the way home but nothing major. Almost like a bubble in the fuel line or something. Definitely considering fitting an in-line fuel filter.

On a separate note, I received my Veho MUVI VCC-003 yesterday and am very impressed. For £40 from, it’s a great little camera. I clipped it to my chest on the ride home and it recorded fine all the way back. Even caught some silly woman cutting me up – first time I’ve had to use the horn on the bike so far! Will upload some pics/vids soon

2 thoughts on “Another week….

  1. Hi,

    I would keep on at them about the fuel pump. Has the problem happened more on hot days? In mine and others’ cases the dealers didn’t test for a faulty unit before replacing it. For me, just me mentioning the problem over the phone was enough for them to get one ordered in under warranty. The only reason they could be dragging their heels might be (and this is only hear-say, and cannot be taken as gospel) that Honda have a list of known serial numbers for bikes/fuel pumps that are part of the ‘bad batch’ and your’s is not in there.

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