Much has happened my friends

Well – since November I carried on riding the 125 almost daily. In March my father passed away due to cancer, which has been a horrible time in my life. But, I carried on and did my mod1, then my mod2 and now have my full motorcycle license :-) . I have now sold the CBF 125, and have just purchased a 2003 Suzuki Bandit 600s. I absolutely love it. I’m sure after a while I’ll miss the MPG from the honda, but I don’t think I’ll ever want to go back to the lack of power.

Safe riding everyone

There’s a lot of them out there….

Well, I’ve had a few near misses now on the bike. A couple my own fault but mostly other people not seeing me. I’ve now got a Richa high vis vest to help, although I think a lot of people just don’t look properly. To be fair it’s easy to be lazy in a car, and a lot of people have never ridden a bike and don’t know anyone who rides, so they just don’t have the right mentality. Anyway, here’s just a couple from the last few days. Note, the time in the vids is an hour out as I’ve not changed the clock on the bullet cam yet for daylight saving!

It’s been a while….

Sorry folks, been a while since I last posted on here – thought I’d give a little update on what’s been happening in the mean time. Well, I’ve now reached about 1300 miles on the bike, and have to say it’s doing fine. I am getting a bit of squeeking from the front brake, which I think is just a need to lubricate the sliders as explained in cbf125rider’s post. I popped the front wheel off and pushed the piston back a bit, and since re-fitting the squeeking has gone (after pumping the brake back up). But it did come back a bit while riding the following day, so I’ll do a proper job of it soon.

On the riding front – well, I am getting more confident day by day. I’ve started filtering through the middle more frequently when the traffic comes to a stop on my mostly gridlocked ride to work. Have to be careful but taking it steady you can still achieve shorter journey times.

In a previous post I mentioned the Veho Muvi camera I had bought. Well, I used that daily, clipped to my chest and got some good video footage. However, I also got some pretty poor footage too, as the camera would quite often be pointing at the tank, or be to one side etc. So, I invested in a Dogcam Bullet HD. I have to admit, the suckers that they provide for mounting it to painted and smooth surfaces didn’t hold at all on my helmet, and I didn’t trust them at all. Instead, I used some of the 3M tape supplied to mount a velcro strip to the side of the helmet, and then used a velcro mount to hold the camera in (all supplied in the box).

At this point, I’d love to show you some footage of me catching a moron driver, but unfortunately the only vid I’ve kept so far was of me making a stupid mistake which nearly cost me my no claims :-( . The thing I keep telling myself though, is that it’s a learning curve, and I’ve certainly learnt from this one. Only a fool breaks the 2 second rule. It may sound silly, but it’s very important advice, as you’ll see here.

Other than that, I also have invested in an Oxford Boss Alarmed Disk Lock. Now I have to admit, I’m not that impressed with it. The main reason being, it’s a devil to get the key into. The design of the key may be secure, but it also means that being the owner of the device, I find it hard to get the key in place and turned in time before the alarm starts to sound. Watch the video on their site, it’s more like 2.5 seconds before the alarm sounds. People tend to ignore alarms if they hear them all the time. So there’s my honest opinion on it. If they’d made the wait time actually 5 seconds, it might have worked OK.

Anyway, nearing 1500 miles and I think I’ll probably do an interim oil chance as many others have done, and do the brake caliper and piston at the same time.

Another week….

Well, they didn’t replace the fuel pump as they found no continuity issues with it. I hadn’t had any problems at all the week before the service either. I did have a couple of blips in 5th gear yesterday on the way home but nothing major. Almost like a bubble in the fuel line or something. Definitely considering fitting an in-line fuel filter.

On a separate note, I received my Veho MUVI VCC-003 yesterday and am very impressed. For £40 from, it’s a great little camera. I clipped it to my chest on the ride home and it recorded fine all the way back. Even caught some silly woman cutting me up – first time I’ve had to use the horn on the bike so far! Will upload some pics/vids soon

Fuel pump issues?

Phoned Honda yesterday because the bike has had a couple of what feel like misfires while I’ve been riding along the past couple of days. Told them about the common issue with the fuel pump and it seems like they know all about it. Booked in for next Saturday for a service and to replace the fuel pump, hoping it’s just that. Not as bad as some people have experienced, but thought it best to get it sorted if it’s not 100%

Well Hello…..

Well, after getting my first motorbike, I decided to follow in the footsteps of cbf125rider and chronicle my experiences with this machine.

I bought my CBF125 on 23rd July, and so far have loved every minute of it. I can’t believe I left it until I was 30 before getting my first motorbike. I think the mid-life crisis kicked in because I went from nothing to having CBT, new bike, all the safety gear and insurance in less than 2 weeks.